Executive Board Officers 2016-2017

  President:          Debby Richardson - yoj75@aol.com

  Vice President:  Diane Weindel - justkidslc@verizon.net

  Secretary:         Trisha Gallagher - pag0305@mail.widener.edu

​                           Darla McNulty - darlamcnulty@aol.com

  Treasurer:         Cheryl Ranck - crankie@verizon.net



​Serving the needs of Child Care Centers, Nursery Schools and Kindergartens


The purpose of the Delaware County Early Childhood Educators Association, Inc. is to enhance the skills and broaden the knowledge of those in the field of Early Childhood Education and care. As a professional organization, we offer networking opportunities with other professionals as well as workshops to help meet the needs for continuing education requirements of the PA Department of Education (DOE/PDE), the PA Department of Human Resources (DHS) and the PA Office of Child Development (OCDEL).